WPC claddings

The WPC is an environmentally friendly material, since it is produced using only processing waste. The WPC products are also 100% recyclable when they reach the end of their life cycle. The WPC remains intact for several years, allowing significant savings in maintenance costs. Its characteristics are maintained for a long time, making it a very durable material. Because it requires no specific treatment for painting, installation and maintenance, the WPC is one of the cheapest claddings on the market. The product is waterproof and antiseptic, and is not attacked by mildew or microorganisms.

49,5x18,8x2,6 cm

59,7x18,8x2,6 cm

99,5x18,8x2,6 cm

Material features
The WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is a material composed by 60% wood and by 40% of combinations of polymers, to which additives may be added to improve the mechanical performance.
Aesthetically it represents the natural beauty of wood but without its disadvantages, because it has the advantages of modern plastics.
These features make it an innovative, eco-friendly and suited material for outdoor use.

Available finishes and colors

Wood Red Brown Black
Wood striped Red striped Brown striped Black striped