Avangarde r-evolution technical wall

Over time, X lam Dolomiti has gained a lot of experience in the management of various and complex building projects, taking charge of the engineering of the structural parts,
of the production of the individual X Lam/Cross Lam elements in its production plant, up to the assembly of the elements on site on many occasions.All this has allowed us to create ideas and solutions to further improve the execution time on site, thanks to a preassembly in the production plant, where the operating conditions guarantee a higher productivity and a higher quality and guarantee of the product. The result of this innovation is the Avangarde r-evolution tecnicall wall, the adaptation of a ventilated wall system guaranteed and certified with 15 years of realizations carried out, an evolution the world of the sustainable and prefabricated construction. This allows X Lam Dolomiti to be, today, the only X Lam panel production company able to provide structural walls complete with a proprietary system, for insulation and finishes chosen by the customer; offering the possibility to choose and combine different materials such as: wood, natural stone, Gres, steel, composite materials and photovoltaic.

The study of the integration between the structural wall and the finishing layer of the building is carried out with the most modern BIM software, allowing technicians in charge for the assembly of the building to be able to perform with great simplicity also the application of the finish.

The advantages of choosing an X Lam Dolomiti wall with the Avangarde r-evolution technical wall system are remarkable:

_Faster speed in finishing the building externally
_Safer protection of the building from bad weather conditions
_Lower construction costs (scaffolding and security)
_fewer companies to coordinate
_Higher Quality of the building
_Improved thermal performance of the building
_Possibility to make external finishes even during autumn and winter season
_Ease of the system
_Less maintenance over the years (using Gres)

XLAM panel
insulating sheath
finishing choosen
by the customer
insulation 8 รท 20 cm
avantgarde upring
longitudinal support
transpiring sheet