Stone claddings

The stone, building material that has been used to this day in the great works of human history, is available to the Avantgarde system for current projects. Through the special characteristics of resistance to weather, natural stone is particularly suitable for all the needs of urban and building exteriors. The availability of stones of different shades satisfies every aesthetic and compositional needs and makes the Avantgarde system an ideal solution also for indoor projects.

Authentic Beauty
The “Santafiora” stones are guaranteed by the seal "authentic stone", the Euroroc brand (Federation of European industries marmifere) that identifies, distinguishes and enhances the tradition, the beauty and the authenticity of the materials extracted from impressive natural sites.

Stability characteristics
Thanks to the width of the extraction basin, the constancy of color values and mechanical production is guaranteed, even in the case of quantitatively significant supplies.

Surface finish
The Avantgarde system in natural stone offers a lot of processing opportunities for the surface cladding: polishing, flaming, sandblasting, bush-hammering.

26,1x50x2 cm

26,1x75x2 cm

Avantgarde in hammered Santafiora natural stone

Avantgarde in blazed Santafiora natural stone


Material features
The Santafiora is a natural stone with a high percentage of silicon, compacted with calcite, with background hazelnut-rust staining between the sand and the brown, and constant color and mechanical values in the production.

Thermo-acoustic properties
• Minimum breaking load: 830 kg / cm
• Coefficient of absorption: 1.53%
• Antifreeze
• Resistant to salt
• Resistant to acid rain
• Color unchanged over time (it can’t be attacked by smog)

The material was subjected to the tests of bending, tearing, breaking load, freezing and thawing, acid rain, non-slip, required by European standards, passing all of them.

Available finishes and colors

Hammered Floor
Flamed Floor
Polished Floor
Polished Floor
Polished Floor