Terracotta claddings

The Avantgarde system has a dedicated and exclusive range of claddings, unique for elements, colors and finishes.
An offer that is perfectly suited to the needs of clients and designers, anticipating trends in an ever-changing compositional and technological evolution. A new interpretation of terracotta that continues the age-old Italian tradition and allows it to still be an important player in the architecture of the future.

The new dimension of terracotta
The Avantgarde system is designed to support claddings with small elements, extruded or hand-made. Thanks to its modular design, it is possible to use strips, hollow tiles, blocks, laid in a “dry” way and also at the same time.



Avantgarde with grouting
The terracotta cladding with grouting is a novelty in the world of ventilated walls. With the Avantgarde system, which also permits the staggered laying of the elements, it is thus possible to allow the light enter from the outside during the day and to backlit the wall at night.

Avantgarde without grouting
This Avantgarde lay modality presents a new range of terracotta elements with fast interlocking with hidden anchor. The most advanced response to obtain a ventilated wall from the unique thermo-acoustic properties.

Material features
The elements of terracotta cladding are available in the made by hand version.

Thermo-acoustic property
Compared to conventional walls, the Avantgarde system allows the complete elimination of thermal bridges, obtaining a reduction of the coefficient K up to 80% compared to conventional walls, in agreement with the Decree 192/05.