Wood claddings

A wood cladding is an ideal choice for designers looking for the pleasure of a wall that lives its evolution over time.
When used indoors, Avantgarde offers the warmth and atmosphere of a wide range of wood shades. In external, Avantgarde is a solution that helps to reduce environmental impact with a wall that naturally changes its appearance over the years. To slow the normal aging process, it is possible to make a protective coating that keeps the shade of the essence.

The Avantgarde system only uses types of wood with high durability (class 1 and 2).
It is also possible to choose woods that are conform to international standards for the sustainability of forests, emphasizing the attention of Avantgarde project for the protection of the environment.

Natural aesthetics
The wood cladding brings the beauty of nature in every project, harmonizing itself with the surrounding environment and adding positive visual and tactile sensations to the buildings. Thanks to the many types of wood in the catalog (a comprehensive range of different essences, textures and tones) each building will be unique.

Versatility of use
With Avantgarde system it is possible to create walls of sun screen or exterior coating that allows the light of day to enter or that can be backlit at night, offering innovative solutions to urban design.
In the interior, Avantgarde allows to customize the walls and ceiling of any room, and it is also available in the version with or without grouting.


5,6 x 50÷100 x 2,8 cm

12,2 x 50÷100 x 2,8 cm

18,8 x 50÷100 x 2,8 cm

Avantgarde wood with grouting

Avantgarde wood without grouting

Features of the material

  1. All the proposed tree species are in line with international standards for sustainable forestry.
  2. The natural durability of wood, in accordance with the standard UNI EN 350, is the ability to resist biotic attacks. The rating scale of the essence goes from 1 to 5, the value 1 corresponds to the lifetime of an element of more than 25 years, the value 2 from 15 to 25 years, 3 from 10 to 15 years, 4 from 5 to 10 years, 5 value wherein the element resists less than 5 years.
  3. The cladding elements can be supplied with a natural finish that takes on the characteristic gray color after exposure to weather conditions or colorless treatment to preserve the color of the wood over time. For each species of wood, a dedicated maintenance plan will be attached.
  4. The surface of all the woods is polished. The cedar can be smooth or "split", the larch can be smooth, "split", flamed or brushed.
  5. The delivery time is four months after the order.
  6. The availability of the species must be verified at the time of the order. If an essences is not available, it will be replaced with another one with equivalent characteristics.

Thermoacoustic properties

Compared to conventional walls, the Avantgarde system allows the complete elimination of thermal bridges, obtaining a reduction of the coefficient K up to 85%, in accordance with the Decree 192/05.

Available finishes

Balau Merbau Louro Itauba Louro Preto Louro Gamela Ipè Ipè Tobacco
Cumaru Massaranduba Larch Canadian Cedar