Avant-garde Dolomiti

It is the emanation of a thought and a project of XLAM DOLOMITI, a firm of Gruppo Paterno. XLAM DOLOMITI, based in Trentino Region, is engaged in the production, engineering design and installation of wood buildings using the technology and the potentiality of X-LAM/Cross Lam panels. XLAM DOLOMITI is the main producer in Italy of XLAM panels, it supplies the main Construction Companies working in the field of sustainable wood buildings, as well as many companies around the globe.

_avantgarde is the outcome of the patents developped in 2004 by Andrea Tessarodi. It is a technology for the construction of a ventilated wall, which was already an innovative and fast solution for conventional buildings. As a matter of fact, many are the construction sites where the efficiency of this technology is demonstrated. The adaptability, the speed and easiness of installation of this system, make it usable using many different materials like wood - gres - stone - material made - solar panels and many others. This also allows technicians and designers to express their creativity.

XLAM DOLOMITI thinks it is strategic and important to invest in this new project by incorporating the _avantgarde ventilated wall’s potentials to their XLAM panels, which are produced in their warehouse in Castelnuovo (Trento). The aim of this innovation is to offer to customers a solution, preassembled in the warehouse where the accuracy of CNC machines make it easier to install the walls on the construction site. This will lead to a decrease of scaffolding, and it will give workers the possibilty to seal the building more rapidly.

XLAM DOLOMITI takes advantages of its professional designers for the design of the technical wall combined with strctural panels, using software and BIM design in order to do a precise and detailed work. Hoping to be able to satify many customers with this new and unique technology, we invite you to visit our website: