Perfect ventilation

To obtain maximum performance from the thermal point of view, _avantgarde system exploits the technology of dynamic air chambers with variable depth. Each room operates independently in parallel lines, promoting and optimizing the formation of the "chimney effect". Coupled to the last generation insulated panels, Avantgarde represents the most advanced system for the realization of coatings with high energy savings.

the best energy efficiency
Avantgarde system was born to receive elements the thermo-acoustic insulation with variable thickness: from a minimum of 5 cm to a maximum of 15 cm.
variable depth air chambers
The possibility of changing the depth of the vertical profile allows to find the most performing solution in relation with the sunlight and the orientation of the building.
ventilation elements
At the top and at the bottom of the wall there are special solutions allowing the ventilation of the air chamber, keeping it safe from weathering and settlement of small animals.