Multifunction Brackets Av_TT

The wall fixing is the most critical point from the point of view of the forces and thermal bridges. The work of the research staff of Avantgarde has resulted in an excellent result on both assets. In particular, the thermal-break bracket av_TT was patented. In conjunction with the polymer composite anchor-key, Avantgarde obtained the most advanced system in the field of anchors and fixings for heat-insulated “dry” walls.

Av_TT bracket
The Av_TT bracket is composed of a polymer composite part, fixed on the wall, and an element, made by stainless or galvanized steel, connecting with avantgarde profiles. The bracket allows to absorb horizontal and vertical misalignments through adjustment in the 3 axes up to +/- 30 mm. The bracket is capable of resolving with a single element all the requirements of thermo-acoustic insulation: from a minimum thickness of 5 cm to a maximum of 15 cm.

horizontal and vertical regulation
Through two buttonholes, the bracket can be accurately regulated un to +/- 30 mm until the correct position.
bracket regulation
The bracket can be regulated on the 3 axis even after the mounting of the dowels.
depth regulation
Through the steel element with adjustable excursion, the bracket can absorb vertical misalignments up to +/- 30mm.